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Palm Tree Service

Are you in need of a reliable crew with years of experience to clean up yard mess, create new landscapes, and a variety of tree services? You've come to the right place. We also specialize in palm tree removal, palm tree trimming, and other tree services needed to maintain the yard. Keeping the yard clean and free from eyesores like dead trees, tree stumps or overgrown trees can improve the value of your property.

We've proudly served Sacramento and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. Our company offers tree services to anyone in need of maintenance from cleaning up fallen trees in the neighborhood, residential areas, or businesses.

Our family-owned business is focused on the special care that is needed to grow healthy palm trees. Providing many different palm tree services in a range that is affordable with reliable workers dedicated to finishing the job. The removal of any tree, especially a palm tree, can be very dangerous.

The proper use of the equipment at every job is used to ensure the job gets done safely and well-organized. The outdoor palm trees must be maintained to avoid infection or plague from affecting all plant life in your yard. Pruning palm trees can help make your yard look presentable and lessen the chances of falling palm tree limbs. When you do not have the time or machinery to clean up your yard yourself, call (916) 613-7272 to get the yard done fast. Call us today and learn why thousands have chosen us for all of their palm tree needs.

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